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I have a crazy kind of love for printed cottons. My name is Fuz and in-between being a wife and  mum, I have accumulated piles and piles of the stuff. London, Morocco, Lahore, Tokyo, Paris, the list goes on... I just seem to collect them from all the different places I visit and I'll be honest, most of them, I have not used yet. I just like to look at them every now and then and swoon. Anyone else?! 

As my fabric hoard has grown, I've developed quite an appreciation for more modern, graphic prints. Yep, it's borderline obsessive...but I know that there are so many of you out there just like me!

So here I am to help you (...and me), feed that addiction with an amazing selection of designer cotton prints from all over the globe. All of my products have been carefully chosen, each one being something I absolutely adore and am thoroughly excited by. If I don't love it, you may not love it, so I don't put it in the shop. Simple. 


I launched Cloth&Candy in January 2015 and know there is an exciting journey ahead. Follow the adventure on our social media channels and keep up to date via Cloth&Candy Mail for exclusive offers and updates.

Don't forget, I love seeing what you all make with the fabrics you purchase... so take a snap and don't forget to tag @clothandcandy.

Enjoy the store and all of it's goodies. I hope you love it as much as I do!